Welcome to the Modern Witch

Since childhood Dee has always possessed the gift of prescience and for many years friends have sought her counsel. This led her on a voyage of discovery into the metaphysical world of tarot, crystals, pendulums and Reiki healing. Working for many years with her incredible guide, Aradia, Dee has been truly amazed with the accuracy of insight with which she has been gifted.
Dee previously worked in the medical profession and this helped give her a deeper understanding of how healing actually occurs.

At a young age, Dee was drawn to the power of magick, connecting with the energies of the universe, the moon and the earth. She realised very quickly that her magick, in form of spells, not only worked for herself but also had amazing results for everyone that asked her for help. She uses candles, herbs and crystals and Moon and astrological phases to gain the best results for all. Her most popular spells are for love, prosperity and protection.
Dee’s clients come from all walks of life and include  celebrities, professors, actors. She has also appeared in national newspapers and Soul and Spirit magazine.
I look forward to helping you.
Blessings and love
Dee x




Some of the services offered:

  • personal psychic readings
  • working with the tarot, runes, crystal ball
  • bespoke spell casting


Dee with an Amazing lady, Lana Del Rey

Dee having fun with Prof Brian Cox at the Lattitude Festival


To Contact Dee

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